Elevator Hoists

Julian Crane & Equipment offers experienced personnel and material construction elevators for all of your hoisting needs.

These rack-and-pinion drive elevators can be configured in either single or twin configurations to maximize efficiency.

All our cars are modular, allowing for a multitude of different configurations.

Visit our Spec Sheet Page for more details regarding our elevator hoist equipment.

Reliable and Efficient

Each car is equipped with a state of the art Variable Frequency Drive, which results in unparalleled motion control, low power draw and superlative reliability.

We feature reliable communications and recessed heaters for efficiency and comfort. All the elevator cars are fitted with an automatic lubrication system, greatly reducing jobsite maintenance requirements. Our entire hoist fleet sets the standard for reliability and productivity.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions regarding our elevator hoist equipment or the expertise we can provide to your jobsite, we invite you to call us today!